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Get a detailed analysis of your chats

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Fun Facts
Find out who uses more swear words, who sends more voice messages, who sends more emojis and more!
Get detailed statistics about your chats, such as most used words, most used emojis, most used websites, and more!
Share with Friends
Export your statistics and fun facts as great looking images and share them with your friends!
Import Backups
Import a backup of your phone and get instant statistics from WhatsApp, iMessage, Tinder, and more!
Analyze your chats today!
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What is Chatalyzer?

Chatalyzer automatically analyzes many aspects of your chats and provides an easy to use interface to access these fun facts and statistics. You can even export them as images and send them to your friends! Chatalyzer provides many different image presets so you can share the perfect visual overview over your chats.

Import a backup and get instant statistics about most used swear words, websites, emoji, and more! Did you ever want to know who sends the longest voice messages or who sends the most messages? Do you feel like your partner is sending less messages than you are? Now you can proof it once and for all!

If you've ever wondered about who swears more, who sends more emojis, who sends more voice messages, or who sends more photos, Chatalyzer is the app for you! Chatalyzer is the perfect app to analyze your WhatsApp / iMessage / Tinder chats and get a detailed overview over your chats.

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