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Your fully customizable keyboard.

Experience a new way of typing with MyKeyboard, the only keyboard that's fully customizable to fit your needs. As the most configurable keyboard available on the App Store, MyKeyboard redefines personalization. Whether you're a fast typer, a creative writer, or a coding wizard, this keyboard bends to your will, offering an unlimited array of layout possibilities. Every key is yours to customize – rearrange, edit, and tailor them to fit your unique typing style.

When it comes to customization, MyKeyboard stands unmatched. Virtually every aspect of the keyboard's behavior is under your control, allowing you to create an experience that is truly yours.

Say goodbye to generic typing and hello to a keyboard that's as unique as you are.

Open Source

Code, Libraries, Frameworks.

Here at FiveSheep, we believe in open and community-driven software. We are commited to open sourcing as much of our internal code and tooling as possible, such as our comprehensive app development framework SheepKit, which we use to build all of our apps.

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