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Your convenient sleep manager.

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Plan Your Sleep
You can easily plan your sleep schedule in advance, ensuring you're always on track to meet your sleep goals.
Track Your Sleep
Polyphasic seamlessly integrates with Apple's HealthKit to compare your planned sleep periods with your actual sleep data.
Stay Motivated
The intuitive interface and beautiful design will keep you motivated to stick to your new sleep schedule.
Predefined Patterns
Polyphasic ships with variety of polyphasic patterns such as Everyman, Tri-Core, and more to help you get started.
Enhance your sleep today!
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What is Polyphasic?

Polyphasic is more than just an app; it's a lifestyle. It's for the busy entrepreneur who wants to maximize productivity, the artist seeking creative hours, or the student needing more time for studies. Anyone looking to reclaim their time and live more efficiently will find value in Polyphasic.

With Polyphasic, your sleep schedule meets real-world application through our seamless integration with Apple's HealthKit. This functionality allows our app to overlay your planned polyphasic sleep schedule with actual sleep data collected from devices like the Apple Watch. This way, you can compare your intended sleep periods with when you're truly sleeping, enabling you to make meaningful adjustments and ensure your polyphasic sleep plan is genuinely working for you. Through this integration, Polyphasic is not just a planning tool, but a real-time, adaptive assistant for your sleep optimization journey. Enjoy the coherence between your sleep goals and your real-world sleep patterns with Polyphasic and HealthKit!

Join us on this journey towards better sleep and a more productive life. Download Polyphasic today and wake up to a new world of possibilities!

Note: Please consult with a healthcare professional before significantly altering your sleep schedule. Polyphasic sleep schedules may not be suitable for everyone, particularly for those with certain health conditions or those under 18.

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